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Our vision for Bellingham and the world is a place where all people have access to quality education, healthcare, safe work environments, living wage jobs, the political process, clean water, and healthy food. Our children, disabled, and elderly must be cared for and loved, always. Our able bodied citizens must have access to jobs that help our community and use our natural abilities and talents. We want our businesses to be successful and thriving places that reward quality work, use renewable resources where possible, create products and services that we need, and do the least harm to the planet possible, given the current technology we have access to.

We want our government to be involved only where it must be. The creation of regulations and laws that are essential to protecting our citizens and planet and enforcing them, without unneeded burdens on business. We must establish justice and ensure that the laws that exist are fair, unbiased, and logical, which will in turn secure the blessings of liberty. Anything that does not fall into these categories must be removed from the books so we can enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers fought for. We must form a more perfect union by uniting the country, rather than polarizing and dividing it. We must protect our country from enemies of the state and provide a common defense, not offense. We must promote the general welfare and provide services for those that are unable to provide for themselves because of their age or disability. There are services that must be provided for the country to function, all of which should be available for private companies to bid for the work. None of these services need be government run if the regulations and laws are in place to protect the public from harm. Lastly, our government must provide domestic tranquility by creating order and safety allowing for domestic peace. These concepts are all straight from our constitution and are what we should be demanding from our government.

To achieve our goals, we must unite as a community, country, and world. Everyone holds part of the answers to our shared problems. By respectfully listening to the people in the trenches and in our community who are actually doing the work needed to make civilization work properly, we will learn what needs to be done to make our systems function properly and serve all of our best interests.

Being the Change: You are the solution recognizes the inherent good and value in each human being and wants to allow each one of us to have a voice in the process.

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