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Author Topic: What is Community Resource Allocation?
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Post What is Community Resource Allocation?
on: May 19, 2011, 12:35

Community Resource Allocation is a common sense method for local communities to solve many of their systemic problems. Here is how it works.

First, establish an online database that will house the information gathered in the Community Resource Study.

Next, utilize the workers from the 2010 census to canvas the community for the collection of Community Resource Study data on the following topics.

Human Resources-
1.) Who lives within each community and what skills do they have that they would like to use to generate an income? For example, I live in Ferndale and would like to do video production and teach film, video production, guitar, and rock climbing.

2.) What are the resources owned by the members of this community for renting/trading/bartering with other community members? I own a lawn mower and trailer, video equipment, and musical instruments that could be utilized by others in exchange for their goods and services.

Natural Resources
1.)What natural resources exist on each parcel of land within this community which the land owner would be willing to sell/trade/barter? I grow 100 pounds of tomatoes a year and raise sheep.

2.) What potential natural resources exist on each parcel of land within this community that the land owner would be willing to sell/trade/barter? I could grow another 200 pounds of broccoli or an acre of trees. I have a copper vein that could be mined. I have 2 acres with perfect southern exposure and no obstructions for the installation of solar panels and adequate wind for a small wind farm.

Existing Infrastructure/Man Made Resources
1.) What public/private utilities already exist within this community? There is a public sewer and water connection already on the street I live on so we should build there first and when that space is used, then develop in areas that need utilities installed.

2.) What buildings/land exist within this community and what are their approved uses based on local zoning? My warehouse is currently 30% vacant and could be rented out. A friend has a 3 acre parcel of land zoned for light industrial available for building a facility.

3.) What equipment/tools/other man-made products exist within this community for others to rent/trade and/or barter? Example- My editing computer is rarely used and could be rented. My neighbor has an underutilized bio-diesel plant that could be processing more bio-diesel.

Next, we enter this data into the database so we can best utilize the local resources that exist in our communities. By tapping local resources before we look elsewhere, we will spend less money on shipping, bringing prices down. Restaurants could get their vegetables, meat, and breads produced locally, ensuring fresh, nutritious ingredients. Furniture makers could craft their products from locally harvested wood. Schools and businesses could get their paper and other essentials from their own community, generating a great deal of money and jobs for our local economy. When workers and businesses spend their hard-earned dollars on local goods and services the entire community benefits.

Companies looking to hire could find the best qualified local talent or even sponsor a college student through internship, allowing them to make money for school while guaranteeing a job after graduation.

Everyone would benefit from a system like this. Global corporations that typically make their wealth by making products overseas can instead invest money in local businesses supporting local economies. Investors searching the database would find opportunities for investing in local businesses, assuring a solid return on their revenue and a long term increase in their investment.

Politicians can support initiatives like this which will create jobs in their districts and bring money to their constituents. There is no left-right divide, religious disagreement, or other issue with a solution like this. There is nothing to fight about or disagree with. It is a simple, practical way to solve the majority of systemic problems with our economy and jobs. This is a way to start over and create a system that will benefit everyone, eliminate unemployment, and put our local resources to use for providing the goods and services needed by our people. This is a way to truly unite the Untied States. We were able to come together during the major challenges our country has faced in the past. Let us come together now and support an idea whose time has come.

Community Resource Allocation can save our country, unite our people, and give everyone a chance to make a good living doing what they love and are good at.

James Bauckman
Being the Change: You are the Solution

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